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 06.11.2013  |Sala Kongresowa
|8:00 p.m.




 Invited by PARADAM, the famous Spanish dancer and choreographer will visit Poland for the first time with his band “Compañía Rafael Amargo". As a part of an international tournée he will present his latest creation, “Suite Flamenca". There will be only one performance – on 6th of November in Warsaw Congress Hall.

New York Times:

“Amargo was greeted by the audience like a rock star".

Rafael Amargo

Rafael Amargo was born on 3rd of January 1975 in Valderrubio (Granada), Spain.  He is a world famous dancer and choreographer. From his legendary masters he adopted the purest flamenco style, however during many years of artistic search, including studying in Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York, he enriched his repertoire with other dance genres.

Amargo’s choreography is filled with perfectly matched elements, both traditional and modern.  The choreographies are close to contemporary dance, but they never diverge too much from the roots of his beloved flamenco.

Rafael was always in direct contact with art and cultural world.  His openness, need for dialogue and exchange of experiences with broadly defined world of dance has helped him expand the horizons of his own choreography.  In his performances he uses various elements and genres of contemporary dance, such as: hip-hop, tap dance, break dance, urban dance.  He collaborates with outstanding choreographers, of the same calibre as Rasta Thomas.

Admitting his remarkable abilities as a dancer, but also as a choreographer and art director has started his second show created by Rafael entitled “Amargo”

Amargo has received very good reviews in national press, he also quickly gained publicity in the media worldwide.

Respect and admiration for Rafael’s talent is reflected in an impressive list of awards and distinctions he has received in many countries.  Some of them are worth mentioning.

In September 2002 he received "Positano Leonide Massine Prize"  in recognition of his work as a choreographer and a dancer.  It is the most important award that can be granted to a dancer in Italy. It was earlier awarded to: Rudolf Nureyev, Maurice Béjart, Lindsay Kemp and other great stars of Dance and Ballet.

He also received an APDE Award (Spanish dance and flamenco teachers association)  along with Antonio Gades and Matilde Coral.

Primary daily newspaper in Spain, “El País” presented Rafael with a  title of “The Best Dance Show of 2000" for “Amargo" as well as  “The Best Dance Show of 2002" and “The Best Show of Decade" for ”Poet in New York".

He was also a finalist in “Lawrence Olivier Awards” contest as the “Best Musical Choreographer of 2008” for a  musical “Zorro” staged on West End.


“Suite Flamenca” is a new chapter in his road to development and artistic search.  It signifies the return to the roots, to the essence of flamenco, everything we can find in Rafael’s first shows: “La Garra y El Angel" and „Amargo".

In his new production Rafael Amargo corroborates with the biggest names of flamenco music.  Juan Parrilla, a famous flamenco musician and composer is responsible for setting. He previously worked with stars such as Antonio Canales or Joaquin Cortés.  His concept of creation is surely similar to Rafael’s direction of work – both of them interpret the oldest forms of flamenco in a fresh, contemporary way.

Setting by Juan Parilla required expanding the already existing music band “Compañía de Rafael Amargo” with brass, string, woodwind sections, bass, synthesizers and piano.  El Cante (flamenco singing) was entrusted with exceptional voices of: Maite Maya, Carmina Cortes and Pedro Obregon. All lyrics to “Suite Flamenca” were written by Rafael Amargo.

In his performances Rafael Amargo always carries out avant-garde concepts for choreography and costumes.  This time is no different.  A  well renowned Spanish fashion designer, Amaya Arzuaga was invited to design and sew the costumes.  Light effects are managed by Nicholas Fischtel, with whom Rafael Amargo met during the production of “Poet in New York”.

As usual, a talented flamenco ballet “Compañía Rafael Amargo”, meeting choreographer’s high requirements, always ready to keep up with the master.


Rafael Amargo with his band “Compañía Rafael Amargo” will present his latest creation “Suite Flamenca” on 6th of November in Warsaw Congress Hall.  It will be the first and only show of Rafael Amargo in Poland. The event is organized by PARADAM,