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21.10.2010 Centrum Turystyki Biznesowej, Wrocław
22.10.2010 Górnośląskie Centrum Kultury, Katowice


The music of Lizz Wright is a combination of youth and…experience." / NPR Music /

"One should be particularly proud of Lizz for her strong, hypnotic voice." / The New York Times /

Her new album is filled with traditional gospel songs and own compositions from Lizz Wright. The album featured Angelique Kidjo, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Joan as Policewoman and Dr. Bernice Reagon. The previous album "The Orchard" has been identified by the CBS News Sunday Morning as "one of the best albums of 2008" and the Los Angeles Times' called it the artistic breakthrough in the career of Wright, whose sensuous, dull tone of voice, finally found its proper place. "Besides her own compositions and those written together with Toshima Reagon (album producer) "Fellowship" also included a few traditional songs that Wright sang as a teenager in the church choir: "Amazing Grace", "Sweeping Through The City”,“I 've Got A Feeling "and “Power Lord”. "Wright also performed the "Presence Of The Lord" by Eric Clapton and "In From The Storm" by Jimi Hendrix. Dr. Bernice Reagon featured on two compositions, including "I Remember, I Believe" by Wright.

Lizz Wright was born in the small town of Hahira, Georgia in the United States, to the family of a local pastor. As a young girl her and her family and friends sang in choirs throughout the American South. Lizz drew attention of a wider audience in 2002 when performing a series of concerts devoted to the memory of Billie Holiday. She released the albums “Salt” (2003), "Dreaming Wide Awake" (2005) and “The Orchard” (2008), " that appealed to all audiences and critics. The Wall Street Journal described her voice as" sensual and sensible. "