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30.05.2012| Hala Torwar| Warszawa| 8:00 p.m.


Agencja Artystyczna Paradam Presents:
Deutsche Bank Invites Macy Gray | New Album: Covered

In1999 when the On How Life Is album has been officially released most
music critics and media worldwide have agreed on the fact that a brand
new star, which could easily be compared to the likes of Billie Holiday
and Betty Davis has been born. Her distictive, rough tone of voice and
very personal lyrics have instantly took by storm the hearts and souls
of her new listeners. The album, literally spiked with hit singles, has
brought it’s author a 4 times Platinum Album status in the USA and a 
prestigious Grammy Award.

What happened after in the life and carieer of Macy Gray - as she’s
behind all this - has been a constant stream of artistic and commercial
success. Her second studio album saw her team up with stars like John
Frusciante and Erykah Badu, as well as featuring on Carlos Santana’s
Shaman LP at the same time. Gray’s powerful vioce and stage charisma
have also gotten her a chance to work in Hollywood. Her song featured on
Soundtracks from Shrek 3, Spider Man and Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Gray is also amoung the few RN’B female singers who managed to combine
her commercial success with constant inner artistic development. A good
proof of that is the forthcoming Covered album which is due to be
released in March 2012 (polish release date April 10th). It’s Covered on
which the 45 year old singer trully and fully reveals her musical
potential by performing very personal versions of popular songs
originally sang by Eurythmics, Metallica, Arcade Fire or Radiohead! When
listening Macy Gray’s version of Creep one cannot disagree that the
legendary 90’s anothem of alternative music, that’s to remarkable
arrangment skills and deep emotional envolvement has just been added to
the list of the all time jazz classics!

On May 30th you will have a only and only chance to experience the live
performance of all 16 songs from Covered album as well as many other
Macy Gray’s hit singles. All on the ocasion of her live concert in
Warsaw’s Hala Torwar as part of the Deutsche Bank Invites. This will be
Macy Gray’s first live performance in Warsaw for the past 3 years and a 
great chance to see what she’s been up to musically and what great RN’B
and Jazz songs Macy’s recorded since her last visit to Poland.